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Start Now Guam

The Situation

Trash is a mounting concern in Guahan. While efforts are being made to manage the island’s waste, so much more needs to be done. Recognizing this, the First Lady of Guahan, Joann Camacho, is spearheading a project that will enjoin the people of Guahan to do their share. She will be the moving force behind getting everyone to be more conscious of the choices they make. We want to create a new mindset, a new attitude where each individual makes an effort to find ways to help reduce trash because ultimately, our actions affect our island, our homes, and our lives.

Just One Small Step

It is said that big changes start with small steps. Somehow when change is drastic, people tend to be reluctant to try or are unable to stick to them. This being the case, we are therefore urging everyone to take even just one small step to reduce their trash.

The Campaign

We propose to name the campaign START. It is an acronym for:
S - Simple
T - Tasks
A - Aimed at
R - Reducing
T - Trash


  • It is short, catchy, easy to recall
  • When spelled out, it clearly let’s you know what this effort is about
  • It is an action word which means to begin, to commence, to set into motion
  • It can be used both as a proper name of the campaign and a call to action


learn more about the campaign »


Ta cho'gue pa'go!



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